Form 1 preparation for Real Estate Agents

Form 1 preparation for Real Estate Agents is made easy with Eckermann Forms.

As you’ll see in the short, “how to video”, the Portal has been created to make requesting searches and Form 1s easier, simply:

  • Log in via the button below;
  • Create a request by entering the information required; and
  • Select submit.

We can complete the Vendor’s Questionnaire directly with the Vendor, have them sign page 3 and serve the Form 1 on the Purchaser via email, so all you need to do is hit submit.

If you don’t know your log in details, or believe you may not have had them created, please contact us on 8366 7977.

Charity Chance Draw

Lately at Eckermann Forms we’ve been talking about the importance to us of being local and supporting the communities where we operate. It’s part of a broader discussion around the inclusion and diversity principles that are so important to The Eckermann Group. We want to make sure that we reflect our customers and business partners and what counts to them. We will continue supporting the charities that we always have and we’ve also come up with something new.

Eckermann Forms conducts a monthly charity chance draw beginning September 2020 for agency partners who order a Form 1 from us. Click here to find out more.

Eckermann Forms: How to use our online portal


Eckermann Forms: How to use our online portal via REI Forms Live

We understand Real Estate isn’t a 9-5 industry and that you or your clients may have questions outside these times, so we’re pleased to offer a communication service, Eckermann Assist, for all Contract, Form 1 or conveyancing queries falling outside of our normal hours of operation. 
This service is available:
Monday – Friday: 7.00am-9.00pm
Weekends & public holidays: 9.00am-5.00pm
To access this service, please phone 8235 3944 or email

Eckermann Forms: Attention to detail

Our Form 1 process is streamlined and highly efficient.

Eckermann Forms certifies the Form 1 as a ‘Person authorised to act on behalf of Vendor’s agent’, through the application of section 37 of the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994.

All requests entered through the portal are notified to all Eckermann Forms team members, which ensures no requests are subject to the availability of any one individual. Accordingly, requests are actioned as soon as possible.

To discuss any aspect of Form 1s or find out more about the protocol and forms, please contact our experienced team at Eckermann Forms.

Eckermann Forms takes the pressure off and delivers results

Eckermann Forms will order, follow up and review all searches required to complete a Form 1, saving agents valuable time, and enabling agents to concentrate on marketing properties and attracting the highest possible price.

Our Eckermann Forms team members are experienced Form 1 professionals; it is their full time job to ensure that all Form 1s are delivered accurately and on time. Outsourcing Form 1 preparation to Eckermann Forms will reduce the risk borne by the agent and vendor through inexperienced office employees preparing Form 1s, or the preparation being delayed until the agent returns to the office.

Form 1 workloads are often inconsistent, resulting in an office being overstaffed in quiet times and unable to meet deadlines or taking shortcuts in busy times. This is why Eckermann Forms has a large specialised Form 1 team that is not reliant on a single person or a few key people, ensuring that quality service can be delivered to agents and vendors, all year round, without interruption or delay.

With the support of Eckermann Conveyancers, South Australia’s largest and most experienced conveyancing firm, and Eckermann Lawyers, leading Adelaide property law specialists, Eckermann Forms can assist with a range of services designed to save time, money and resources.